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Replace many teeth with just four or six implants.

All-On-4 Implants

A way to add volume and density to the jawbone.

Bone Grafting

Synthetic teeth that are custom-made to replace missing teeth.


An advanced way to precisely place dental implants.

Guided Implant Surgery

Replace a lost or extracted tooth and improves oral health.


An effective way to replace many missing teeth.

Locator or Bar Attachment Dentures

Preserves your jawbone level and volume after a tooth extraction.

Socket Bone Graft

Removal of a tooth that's endured extensive unrepairable damage.

Tooth Extractions

3. Financing

​Flexible monthly payments and low interest rates. Contact us to learn about personalized financing.

2. FSA or HSA

Take advantage of your pre-tax dollars and combine it with insurance or financing for more savings.

1. Insurance

​Insurance may cover up to $2,500 for orthodontics. Combine it with your FSA or HSA for extra savings.


Make the most of your dental insurance.

Wondering if your insurance covers your dental exam and cleaning? And whether we’re in network or out of network? We’ll let you know in seconds.

Accessible dental care.


​We bring you flexible options to help you get the dental care you need.

What is sinus lift surgery?

The maxillary sinuses are hollow spaces located above your upper teeth behind your cheeks and on either side of your nose. Your molar roots sometimes extend into these hollow spaces. When you lose a tooth, this decreases your amount of functional jawbone. Your sinuses will expand into the area where your jawbone has deteriorated. This lowers the height and density of your jawbone, making it unable to support your dental implants. Sinus lift surgery in Ventura allows us to lift your sinus membrane and grow more bone between your jaw and sinuses to facilitate placement of dental implants.

The process for Sinus Lift Surgery

Before your Ventura sinus lift surgery, it’s important to make lifestyle changes that encourage your body’s healing process. Stop smoking at least a month before and after your surgery date. Avoid alcoholic drinks a week before your surgery. Smoking tobacco or marijuana and drinking alcoholic beverages impede your healing process. You’ll need to stop eating and drinking six to eight hours before your Ventura dental implant surgery if you are being sedated for your procedure. During sinus lift surgery, we cut into your gum tissue to access the bone that’s underneath it. We elevate a small portion of the bone and lift it so that it extends into your sinus cavity. his creates a space for us to place the bone graft and allow your body to convert the graft to your own bone cells.

What to expect after Sinus Lift Surgery

You’ll likely have a little swelling, light bleeding, and mild to moderate discomfort after your procedure. Consistent use of ice packs and over-the-counter or prescription pain medication will help reduce these symptoms while you are healing. We often prescribe antibiotics after sinus lift surgery to reduce the risk of infection and promote faster healing. It is important that you take these medications as directed for the best results. If we use stitches during the procedure, we’ll remove them two weeks  or so after your surgery.

It takes 4 to 12 months for you to heal from your Ventura sinus lift surgery. During this time, your body will produce new bone that combines with your existing bone. Before placing your dental implants, we’ll conduct a visual examination and 3D x-ray and scanning to confirm that you have enough jawbone to place the implants.

How does sinus lift surgery improve your oral health?

Losing your natural teeth has long-term effects on your dental health. Missing teeth mean that your jawbone doesn’t receive stimulation from your tooth’s roots to encourage it to produce additional bone. Bone loss causes your teeth to loosen, potentially resulting in tooth loss. Your gums may also start to recede, increasing your chances of experiencing tooth decay. Sinus lift surgery in Ventura addresses bone loss that can negatively impact your oral health.

Sinus Lift Surgery in Ventura - Drs. Kroll

What are the benefits of sinus lift surgery?

There are multiple benefits associated with Ventura sinus lift surgery:

You reduce the risk of future tooth loss

Increasing your amount of healthy jawbone decreases your risk of experiencing additional dental problems related to your insufficient bone mass. This helps you keep your own teeth and ensure that they’re as healthy as possible, while also allowing for dental implant placement to restore your aesthetics and function.

Your facial appearance improves

As your jawbone degrades, this causes your face to appear sunken and aged. Restoring your bone mass with sinus lift surgery in Ventura lifts your facial features and makes your face appear more youthful and healthy.

You lower the likelihood of failure for your dental implants

Occasionally, dental implants fail to properly integrate into your jawbone. This is often due to insufficient bone levels. Sinus lift surgery gives your mouth the healthy jawbone it needs to make your dental implants a success.

Sinus Lift Surgery


Sinus lift surgery in Ventura is a type of bone grafting procedure used to increase the bone mass of the upper jaw. We perform the procedure to ensure that you have sufficient bone density to support dental implants.

Sinus lift surgery near you.

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