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Drs. Kroll: Ventura Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentist

We start by getting to know you.

We dedicate time to understanding your health history, lifestyle, and goals. We combine our advanced diagnostics to get in-depth information about your health so we can recommend options that will drive the best results for your oral health and wellness.

During your First Visit, you will meet your dentist to share your goals and concerns, and to establish a patient-centered relationship that translates into long-term oral health.

Drs. Kroll - Best Dentist in Ventura County

We bring you genuine treatment options.

By combining our assessment from your first visit and our advanced science-based training, we design treatment options that enable you to achieve your goals in more than one way. 

This brings you the freedom to choose your dental care, knowing the potential outcomes, and confidently receive treatment that is transparent, honest, and genuine from start to finish.

We stay committed to your dental care.

Having incredible oral health is a patient-dentist commitment that we enable through personalized communication, the highest-standard of dental care, and most importantly, consistency in everything we provide.

When you become our patient, you will experience better dentistry. It all starts with your commitment to having incredible oral health.

Drs. Kroll - Best Dentist in Ventura County
Drs. Kroll - Best Dentist in Ventura County

Experience better dentistry.


We’ve helped thousands of patients achieve their goals.

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