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A convenient way to teeth straightening for teens and adults.

Clear Aligners

A filling is used to treat a small hole, or cavity, in a tooth.


A way to lower the risk of injuries to the teeth, lips, and tongue.

Mouth Guards

Minimize clenching or grinding teeth while sleeping.

Night Guards

A physical examination to look for signs of cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening

An assessment and recommendations to support your oral wellness.

Oral Wellness Exam

A way to preserve a baby tooth with extensive decay or injuries.

Pulp Therapy

A way to reduce cavities and tooth decay in children.


For patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

A way to ensure that your child’s mouth has adequate space for the adult tooth.

Space Maintainers

From trauma to an unbalanced bite, TMJD can be the result of several factors. 

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth to improve gum health.

Teeth Cleaning (Deep)

Maintain the cleanliness of your teeth to prevent cavities and gum diseases.

Teeth Cleaning (Regular)

3. Financing

​Flexible monthly payments and low interest rates. Contact us to learn about personalized financing.

2. FSA or HSA

Take advantage of your pre-tax dollars and combine it with insurance or financing for more savings.

1. Insurance

​Insurance may cover up to $2,500 for orthodontics. Combine it with your FSA or HSA for extra savings.


Make the most of your dental insurance.

Wondering if your insurance covers your dental exam and cleaning? And whether we’re in network or out of network? We’ll let you know in seconds.

Accessible dental care.


​We bring you flexible options to help you get the dental care you need.

What is a retainer?

A dental retainer consists of plastic or metal materials that are created to fit your mouth. The shape and design of the retainer custom-fit your teeth’s alignment.

When your braces are removed or your clear aligner therapy is completed, you’ll need to wear a retainer for 20-22 hours per day  to hold your teeth in place. Your soft tissue and bone need to stabilize so that they can help keep your teeth in their new positions.

After two months of full time retainer wear, you may be able to adjust your retainer use so that you only have to wear it at night.

The process for making your Retainers

The days of taking messy, gooey impressions and waiting weeks to get your Ventura retainers are over. We use high-tech technology to create custom, high-quality retainers in a few hours. First, we scan your mouth to produce digital impressions. These digital impressions offer a comprehensive look at your mouth so that we can produce a 3D model. We use the 3D model and computer-assisted design (CAD) software to design your retainer. Using a 3D printer, we can make your retainer in-house.

What to expect when using a Retainer

It’s normal to feel sore for a few days after you start using a retainer. As you regularly wear your retainer, your mouth will get used to it and it will feel passive and comfortable. It’s also easy to care for your retainers. Clean them daily with a soft-bristled brush and a mild dish soap or product designed for cleaning aligners, retainers, and other oral appliances. Avoid using toothpaste on your retainers because it is too abrasive and can damage them.

How do retainers improve your oral health?

Retainers in Ventura help you maintain a high level of oral health. By keeping your teeth in their new, straight positions, you prevent overlapping and spacing issues that can contribute to damaging tooth decay and excessive wear and tear. Keeping your teeth straight can also reduce your risk of developing jaw problems or bite imbalances. Misaligned teeth can cause periodontal disease that’s associated with other health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. Your retainer keeps your teeth straight and healthy.

Retainers in Ventura - Drs. Kroll

What are the benefits of a retainer?

Ventura retainers have multiple benefits that make them a terrific addition to your dental care plan:

You can remove your retainer to eat, drink, and care for your teeth

One advantage of a retainer is that you’re allowed to remove the retainer during meals and when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth. You don’t have to change your diet, and you can brush and floss your teeth like normal.

Retainers are comfortable to wear

After the initial adjustment period, most patients find retainers in Ventura more comfortable to wear than braces. We use lightweight, flexible material to ensure that your retainer is as comfortable as possible.

We can make replacement Retainers in-house

Unfortunately, you may lose or misplace your retainer. When this happens, our innovative technology lets us to replace your Ventura retainers in-house so that there’s minimal disruption to your dental care.

Clear retainers are esthetic

Clear retainers are nearly invisible while you are wearing them, making it easy to wear them throughout the day immediately after you finish your orthodontic therapy. Because of the way they are shaped, clear retainers can also be used as whitening or fluoride trays if you want to brighten your smile and further protect your teeth against cavities.

Custom Retainers


After using braces or clear aligners to straighten and shift your teeth, you want to maintain your results and keep your straight teeth looking their best. Retainers in Ventura are a valuable tool for keeping your teeth in their new positions.

Retainers near you.

"We are elevating the experience of oral health care by providing dental treatment you need from a team you can trust in an understanding and caring environment."

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