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A form of conscious sedation to help you feel relaxed.

IV Sedation

Anesthetic that's inhaled and helps eliminate pain and anxiety.

Laughing Gas

3. Financing

​Flexible monthly payments and low interest rates. Contact us to learn about personalized financing.

2. FSA or HSA

Take advantage of your pre-tax dollars and combine it with insurance or financing for more savings.

1. Insurance

​Insurance may cover up to $2,500 for orthodontics. Combine it with your FSA or HSA for extra savings.


Make the most of your dental insurance.

Wondering if your insurance covers your dental exam and cleaning? And whether we’re in network or out of network? We’ll let you know in seconds.

Accessible dental care.


​We bring you flexible options to help you get the dental care you need.

What is oral sedation?

Ventura oral sedation uses a prescription pill to relax patients. Some of the medications used for oral sedation include Xanax, Halcion, Valium. These medications reduce activity in the portion of your brain that controls your anxiety and fear. You’re left feeling relaxed and calm during your dental procedure. If you fall asleep, we can easily awaken you. While you may feel sleepy when using oral sedation, you’ll remain responsive and able to breathe normally on your own. Though you might not remember doing so, you’ll be able to follow our commands during your procedure.

The process for Oral Sedation

You’ll take your oral sedation medication about an hour before your scheduled appointment time. Plan on having someone drive you to your appointment, as your pill may kick in before your appointment time and you will be unable to drive yourself home.

What to expect after using Oral Sedation

It’s normal for patients to feel sleepy after using oral sedation in Ventura. You’ll also need someone to drive you home after your appointment. Plan to rest and relax for the rest of the day.

Many patients who use oral sedation don’t remember the details of their dental procedures.

How does oral sedation improve your oral health?

Many patients experience fear and anxiety that prevents them from undergoing dental procedures that can boost their oral health. Regardless of the underlying causes, Ventura oral sedation helps patients get the dental care they need to bolster their oral health. Relatively minor procedures, like getting a cavity filled or undergoing a root canal, can feel overwhelming to patients with dental anxiety. However, it’s important to schedule these treatments to prevent small dental issues from turning into major problems that can negatively affect your oral and overall health. Oral sedation can make these visits anxiety-free.

Oral Sedation in Ventura - Drs. Kroll

What are the benefits of oral sedation?

Oral sedation in Ventura has numerous benefits for our patients:

There are no needles involved

If you have a fear of needles, oral sedation is a terrific alternative to IV sedation dentistry. All you have to do is take a pill to feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

Oral sedation is safe

The medications used for Ventura oral sedation are safe and approved by the FDA for sedation dentistry. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll experience any severe side effects.

Your procedure will be faster

Since you’re comfortable and relaxed when you use oral sedation, you’re better able to respond to our commands during your procedure. Your cooperation helps us get the procedure completed as quickly as possible, potentially decreasing your recovery time and post-procedure discomfort.

Oral Sedation


Oral sedation in Ventura is a type of dental sedation used to calm patients with dental anxiety and reduce discomfort during dental procedures. We utilize this type of sedation for patients with extreme dental anxiety or those undergoing a lengthy dental procedure.

Oral sedation near you.

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