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What is wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction in Ventura is a common oral surgery procedure. Some wisdom teeth get stuck below your gums due to the angle that they’re growing or inadequate space in your mouth; these teeth are called impacted wisdom teeth.

What to expect during your extraction

We can perform a simple extraction for a single, un-impacted wisdom tooth. A local anesthetic numbs the site of your extraction. Removing several wisdom teeth at once or extracting impacted wisdom teeth requires an oral surgeon to perform the extraction. Most patients are sedated with intravenous sedation or twilight sedation during more complex wisdom tooth extractions in Ventura. Some wisdom tooth extractions require stitches to aid with the healing process. Gauze is placed at your extraction site to control bleeding and aid with blood clot formation that’s essential for proper healing.

After your extraction

You’ll experience swelling and soreness after your Ventura wisdom tooth extraction, but this should improve within a few days. Apply cold compresses to your surgery site to reduce pain and swelling. Pain medications may also be used to reduce your discomfort. To prevent a painful condition known as a dry socket, avoid using straws and smoking for at least a week after your procedure.

How does a wisdom tooth extraction improve your oral health?

A wisdom tooth that’s impacted can cause an infection that can affect your other teeth and gum tissue; removing the tooth reduces your chance of infection. If your wisdom teeth grow in at the wrong angle, they can cause tooth decay and gum disease on neighboring teeth that can cause long-term oral health problems.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Ventura - Drs. Kroll

What are the benefits of wisdom tooth extraction?

Our patients experience several benefits after wisdom tooth extraction:

It’s easier to care for their teeth

Wisdom teeth that partially or fully grow in are often difficult to reach when brushing or flossing; this causes food and bacteria to get trapped around the tooth, causing plaque accumulation that leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Ventura wisdom tooth extraction removes these teeth, making it easier for you to brush and floss.

You can maintain your smile

When wisdom teeth don’t have enough room in your mouth, they’ll crowd your other teeth, causing these teeth to shift positions. Once your teeth shift, you’ll likely need orthodontic treatment to improve your smile. Removing your wisdom teeth before they cause issues with your other teeth helps you keep your smile looking its best.

You’ll alleviate pain caused by your wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing pressure, pain, and tooth sensitivity that impact our patients’ quality of life. Wisdom tooth extraction in Ventura alleviates these issues.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars, are the last permanent teeth to erupt. Many patients have issues with their wisdom teeth due to insufficient room in their mouth or improper positioning of their teeth. For these patients, Ventura wisdom tooth extraction eliminates oral health problems caused by their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction near you.

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