Ventura Senior Care Dentist

What is senior care dentistry?

We have developed a dental Senior Out Reach Program where Drs. Kroll and their team will make dental “house calls” to senior resident homes and facilities to provide dental diagnostic and dental preventative care to senior patients.

Drs. Kroll and their Extended Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) will form a team to see senior patients in their residences when their physical limitations prevent them from making the trip to our dental office.

Before & after dental treatment

What are the benefits of senior care dentistry?

We will work with each senior patient’s physician and the care facility to assess each patient’s medical issues and review their list of daily medications, since these conditions and medicines may have negative effects on oral health and can impact dental treatment.

The elderly population frequently enters a new period of “cavity prone years” that can cause painful toothaches and increase in gum disease, which create a greater burden and compromise to general health. All this is preventable with diligent ongoing professional dental care, along with a team approach between the dentist and dental assistant, physicians and nurses, the patient, and other involved caregivers.

Bedside Diagnostic Dental Examinations

We will provide bedside complete and limited (problem focused) dental examinations that include bedside diagnostic images and x-rays, limited tooth polishing, fluoride treatments, toothbrush instruction, caries assessment and risk management (CAMBRA), saliva analysis testing, immediate pain management, relines for dentures and partial dentures.

Transportation to Dental Office

If more involved dental care (fillings, crowns, root canals, oral surgery) is needed, arrangements can be made for transport and treatment in an efficient manner at Dr. Kroll’s office.

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