Same Day Crowns

What are same day crowns?

We now have the 3D dental technology to laser scan your tooth, computer design an all porcelain restoration, and build it in our office all in the same day. The technology is called intra-oral laser scanning, computer aided design and computer automated milling (CAD-CAM).

What are the benefits of same day crowns?

The great benefit of same-day dental crowns is that Dr. Kroll grinds very little tooth structure away. Dr. Kroll only takes away the “bad” or damaged portions of tooth and keeps all healthy tooth structure. Our dental porcelain is now stronger than ever. With the strength and reliability of adhesive dentistry, we can bond very strong dental porcelain in a manner almost like “growing new enamel.” Additionally, the same-day aspect eliminates the need for multiple visits and temporary crowns, providing you with the highest quality dental treatment that also fits your schedule.

Dr. Phil Kroll uses and teaches this leading edge 3D technology at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He and Dr. Steph Kroll are happy to utilize these new dental advances in beautiful esthetic dentistry and conservative restorative dentistry to provide the highest quality of patient care.

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