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What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a new exciting dental technology that allows Dr. Kroll to perform many dental procedures while providing you the best sense of comfort.

At Dr. Kroll's general dental practice, we deploy four different types of dental lasers in the care of our patients. All dental lasers are comfortable and elevate the quality of care we give to our patients. We are trained and certified to use these instruments.

Dr. Phil Kroll teaches these laser dental technologies at the UCLA Center For Esthetic Dentistry.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Dr. Kroll's laser dentistry techniques are free of annoying drilling sounds. As a result, patients report a dental experience that is both relaxing and comfortable while the dental laser is in use.

What are some examples of laser dentistry?

Diode “cold” Soft Tissue Dental Laser

Our dental hygienists are certified to use the diode “cold” dental laser to help treat various forms of gum disease. The “Picasso Lite” diode dental laser is a cold laser and is very comfortable for patients. It is used to kill the bacteria in the deepest areas (pockets) of the gums. The added benefit is that at the “cold” setting, the diode causes an effect that enhances the healing process of infected gums by improving circulation in the blood vessels of the site.

This is a benefit that antibiotics and mouth rinses cannot accomplish by themselves. As a member of the American Academy of Laser Dentistry (AALD), Dr. Kroll is committed to using dental lasers and staying current with the latest developments in laser gum therapy for patients treating gingivitis and periodontitis.

Diode Surgical Dental Laser

We perform many surgical dental procedures in our office including: dental extractions, dental bone grafting, dental biopsies, cosmetic gum surgery, root canals and dental implant surgery. The AMD Surgical Laser helps in all these procedures and is valuable due to its comfort to the patient and faster (accelerated) healing time.

Diagnodent Dental Laser

Even our high quality, low radiation digital x-rays can’t find every cavity. The diagnostic dental laser is a safe comfortable instrument that sends a beam into the enamel and reflects back to a sensor to tell us if a hidden cavity is starting.

This dental instrument is highly sensitive and will often find a growing cavity months or years before it would be discovered by the x-ray or visible to the naked eye. We have been using this technology for over a decade and frequently find cavities so early that they can be treated conservatively and inexpensively, often without needing an injection of local anesthetic (Novocaine shot).

3D Dental Laser Scanner

This instrument allows us to fabricate same day crowns for our patients. The Laser Scanner takes a highly accurate 3D picture of the tooth needing treatment. Through a high tech dental computer, we design and fabricate a very strong dental porcelain crown or onlay that can be cemented or bonded on the patient’s tooth the same day. This eliminates the need for a temporary and a second follow up visit weeks later to get the final restoration seated.

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