Bite Reconstruction

What is dental bite reconstruction?

Today, people are routinely living into their 80s and 90s, and keeping their teeth healthy is essential. After so many years of use, however, many patients are wearing out their teeth and still have many years of necessary use ahead. In ideal conditions, dental enamel is hard and strong enough to last a 100-year lifetime, but many people have undiscovered “bite imbalances” and acid erosion that trigger clenching and grinding habits (bruxism) that can severely damage (wear out) an entire set of teeth.

If you have multiple teeth that are worn, chipped or broken, you very likely have hidden “interferences” and/or acid erosion that can lead to tremendous and costly damage. This damage grows over time without you even realizing it because of the slow insidious progression of dental wear.

Diagnosing and treating occlusal wear damage can only be diagnosed by a dental test known as an Occlusal Analysis. We use a sophisticated instrument called T-Scan that was invented at the University of Rhode Island, along with precision model articulation and close up digital images to complete the analysis and diagnosis.

Before & after dental treatment

What are the benefits of dental bite reconstruction?

The main benefit of bite reconstruction is that Dr. Kroll can rebuild your teeth with proper engineering to last a lifetime. At Dr. Kroll's dental practice, we strive to accomplish this with minimal damage to natural tooth structure and for the least cost to our patients.

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